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Proud owner of a Rutherberg Hot Maid 18 here. Geoffray did a fantastic job on the little amp. It sounds awesome and is perfectly lightweight. The workmanship is outstanding with perfect attention to detail and quality. I highly recommend guitar players to visit the Rutherberg workshop. You will have trouble finding a nicer, more knowledgeable and skilled amp tech anywhere around.

Mario G.


I've had quite a few 4x12" at home and at gigs (ENGL V60, EVH 5150 V30, Hughes and Kettner Warp T V30 and HOT100) and so on... My last experience with a box was when I bought a Mesa Rectifier 4x12" in V30. Then comes the famous comparison between the Mesa 4x12" and the Rutherberg 2x12" Classic in Celestion V30.... My choice was quickly made: an immediate difference! Now I have my custom Rutherberg 2x12" Classic V30!

Yoan S.


RTRB15 Cedric

A versatile amp with superb clean. 15W ideal for playing at home or in a playroom. The overdrive has plenty of punch and will produce a rock or metal sound just the way we like it! And this green ... 🍏🤤

Cédric V.

Welcoming, attentive, humble and professional, he passes on his passion with warmth and pleasure. The taste for work well done and the care he takes show his sense of respect and the attention he pays to meeting his customers' demands. In short, a place where you can share your passion without criticism, with simplicity and a real musical approach.

Mathieu G.

Moonlight Rites


Francis Keto

Yves Paquet Band / Café au Lait / Under Pressure / ...

Yoan Schieber

Infected / Coalition