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Rutherberg Amplification was officially born in 2012 under the impetus of Geoffray Herbrand, eager to put his technical skills at the service of musicians in all humility.

It all started with simple repairs and modifications; small requests that turned into custom creations and finally a full-time business.

Passionate about music, an amateur guitarist and a trained electronics engineer, Geoffray showcases his expertise through a range of products and services developed with the pleasure of playing and the quality of manufacture as his main objectives.

Every element of the design and manufacturing process is scrupulously mastered: from circuit layout to component selection, from careful wiring to safety and reliability requirements, from woodworking to the finishing touches required to create the finest audio solutions.

The workshop is equipped with a wide range of machines, giving it the autonomy and flexibility to guarantee high-quality mass production, as well as tailor-made products worthy of haute couture.

Sound & Finish

Our products are designed to be as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. Every detail is important for an outstanding experience. Designed and manufactured 100% in Belgium in our workshops.


In the age of programmed obsolescence and throw-away rather than repair, it's time to reverse the trend. That's why we make a point of repairing what can be repaired, as well as manufacturing products that are reliable, durable and, wherever possible, made with materials of European origin, for the sake of ecology, economy and reliability.

Care & Service

Every musician is different, and so are the solutions they seek. A sympathetic ear is essential to understanding the objective, which allows us to deliver both quality work and the satisfaction of an adapted solution. We work by appointment to give your project the attention it deserves.


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Maintenance, repairs or modifications : we take care of everything!

Custom Shop

Your equipment, your tastes. Custom-made is not a luxury. And because deep down, you know you deserve it !

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