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Bad contact ? A cracking potentiometer ? A weakening sound ?

Maybe it’s time to service your equipment ! Extended service life, reliability, optimum performance, peace of mind…

Here are the points covered during maintenance :

  • Components inspection, soldering and wiring check, reorganize wiring if necessary to avoid noise
  • Cleaning of potentiometers, jacks, switches and tube sockets.
  • Measuring and checking tubes
  • Bias adjustment (where possible)
  • Interior and exterior dusting/cleaning (chassis and headshell/combo)
  • Complete amp stress test
  • Report on possible modifications to improve equipment, both in terms of reliability and sound.
  • If a problem is detected, no charges or repairs will be made without prior agreement.

Price list

Amplifier (head)


Amplifier (combo)




Something else ?

If you’d like to find out more about interviews, please contact us!

All prices include VAT (21%).